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Sunday, August 7, 2011


It was never going to be this big. My buddy Poe and I originally started this blog to document our movie nights. We would get together, bring 12-15 scenes and take each other down a bad-ass road full of Harryhausen, samurai swords, bullets, car chases, the occasional slapstick, and more hot chicks than a Russ Meyer film. In January however, our mission changed.

How cool would it be to show trailers for the films we talked about? Done. How cool would it would be to post those on Twitter? Done. How cool would it be if Joe Dante followed us? Done. How cool would it be if we started our own website? Done and fucking done.

Our idea has grown along with our audience. We never pushed the boundaries of the blog because we have been working in the background on a website that has the ultimate intention of being a sick and twisted online Disneyland for horror and exploitation fans. A place genre geeks can go and get the latest news on films with an edge, tough films for the rough crowd!

So here we go. On Monday launches and we start turning the world into bastards one film fan at a time. DG will bring you the latest news, interviews, reviews, trailers, and features you won't find anywhere else. We have assembled a team with some incredible writers who are just waiting to bring you some of the best writing on genre films around. And we couldn't have done it without you. I don't want to be a sappy fucker, but if you are reading these, we owe you. Big.

Be a bastard. Join us at , this whole thing just got bigger. DAILY GRINDHOUSE: TOUGH FILMS FOR THE ROUGH CROWD. Thanks for the ride, thanks for staying with us, thanks for the support. Thank you for being one cool motherfucker.

See you on forty deuce,