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Tuesday, July 26, 2011


It’s Tuesday, and that means sites and stores will be full of new goodness to tickle your eyeballs with. So sit-back, relax, and take a look at what’s good enough to stick in the movie playing machine.

After a few weeks of fuck-all, we now have a week worth writing about. There is some cool shit dropping this week. I am talking Johnny Cash fucking cool. So enough of my yappin', let's boogie.

DG's Pick of the Week is WIDE OPEN from Synapse's Impulse Picture label. If Christina Lindberg is in it, you can damn well bet that it's going to be mentioned on this list. She is an icon of grindhouse cinema and has a nasty habit of making men walk like hunchbacks. If Solveig Andersson (Lindberg's co-star in THRILLER: A CRUEL PICTURE) is in it as well then boom... a DG Pick of the Week.

THRILLER: A CRUEL PICTURE is in my official Top 5 when it comes grindhouse cinema. It has a raw power and a dark, committed performance by Lindberg who had serious acting chops. I wouldn't say WIDE OPEN highlights Lindberg's acting skills, but this is one smoking hot and twisted film that Lindberg fans are going to dig the hell out of. The plot is a bit tough to nail down, it is all over the place and makes some odd turns but the bottom line is: fuck the plot. You aren't watching one of the best titles in Swedish sin-ema for the plot, you dig? WIDE OPEN was Lindberg's last film before she retired from acting and she goes out with a bang, a few them actually. God breast her.

The Goods:
English Dubbed Dolby Digital 2.0 Mono
Video Interviews with Actress Christina Lindberg and Director Gustav Wiklund
Christina Lindberg Motion Photo Gallery
Theatrical Trailers
Reversible Nude Cover Artwork

The official release date on this is 8/9, looks like TLA Cult has an exclusive though.

Next up is a documentary double feature. I have not seen NIGHTMARES IN RED, WHITE, AND BLUE, but I have seen AMERICAN GRINDHOUSE and it is well worth your time if you are new to exploitation genre and what to get your feet bloody and sleazy. It traces the roots of exploitation cinema from classic burlesque shows through to LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT and beyond. American Grindhouse is directed by Elijah Drenner who has done a lot of work on exploitation titles, most recently directing a conversation with Ted Post on Severin's THE BABY release. I dare you to watch this and not want to book the next 48 hours with all kinds of grindhouse goodness.

NIGHTMARES IN RED, WHITE, AND BLUE has been well reviewed and we are anxious to get our mitts on this. If it is as good as AMERICAN GRINDHOUSE then it will be a job well done. It features interviews with Roger Corman, Joe Dante, John Carpenter, Larry Cohen, and George A. Romero so our hopes are high.

You can grab this from TLA Cult

A creature based on Native American folklore manifests to protect the ecological balance of the land and killing those that threaten it. Kind of like Steven Seagal in ON DEADLY GROUND. The trailer looks inspired, really curious to see this.

Grab this from TLA Cult

This looks like it has better production values some other Chemical Burn titles plus a vintage woman on revenge story line.

Grab this from TLA Cult

Cowboys. Zombies. Done and done. This looks just like the zombie edition of Rockstar's Red Dead Redemption, and there ain't nothing wrong with that. We're in.

Grab this from TLA Cult

I could be wrong, but I think this is the first Bloody Disgusting Selects title to be released. Looks like a solid little spooker.

Grab this from TLA Cult

I haven't been this excited for twisted puppet movie since Peter Jackson's MEET THE FEEBLES.

Grab this from TLA Cult

Tinto Brass. Blu-ray. Any questions?

Grab this from TLA Cult

A mental–patient troubled has escaped from his hospital and he has a bad habit of killing innocent people. It's vintage storylines like this that remind me of watching my first horror film. Somewhere, a kid is tossing this flick on and is going to be frightened as fuck. That is all kinds of cool.

Grab this from TLA Cult

When it comes to Italian crime, it's tough to beat Fernando Di Leo who wrote the screenplay. Ruggero Deodato directed this film and it's a good one. Tough, gritty, and smart. It's just not anywhere close to the level of Di Leo's classic Italian crime trilogy. Worth a watch though.

Grab this from TLA Cult

Speaking of Di Leo, the titles that Raro Video released as a box set earlier this year are available individually starting today. Do yourself a favor and just grab the box set. You are going to want them all anyway.

Three classics all rolled into one. Dig it.

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Crap. We're talking MS3K level crap, which means we can watch this on a loop and it never get's old.

Grab this from TLA Cult

That's it for this week kids. Next week we are back with STAKE LAND, CONAN THE BARBARIAN Blu, CONAN THE DESTROYER Blu, Braveheart/Gladiator Blu two pack, BETTER OFF DEAD Blu, and MAGNIFICENT SEVEN Blu.

Until then...

Here's to good watching, salute!

See you on forty deuce,