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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

TRAILER - CLASS OF 1984 (1982)

Mark Lester knew his shit in the 80's, the guy banged out a few classic before going into the clearance bin for inspiration. COMMANDO, FIRESTARTER, and CLASS OF 1984 is some badass shit. CLASS OF 1984 isn't as strong as the other two titles, it's way over the top and somewhat nonsensical but who gives a fuck. These are kids tearing a school up and pointing their teenage angst at the orchestra teacher. Honestly, I would go after the gym teacher but orchestra teacher is a good second option. This is a canuxploitation classic.

Andy Norris: a man equipped to deal with students. But they pushed him to the limit that has gone too far. Now he's about to teach the Class of 1984 the most dangerous lesson they deserve.

See you on forty deuce,