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Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Since I was in my early teens I have collected old pulp novels. Just like a film with a car chase that makes your foot 10 pounds heaver on the gas (or a Fast Film as we call them), those books gave me a swagger, made me feel like a tough guy. One of the best authors of that genre was the late Mickey Spillane.

Spillane's notorious character Mike Hammer was flawed, rough around the edges, but in the end he always made the wrong things right. KISS ME DEADLY is the 6th book the Hammer series. The screenplay was written by A. I. Bezzerides (DESERT FURY, ON DANGEROUS GROUND) who was a good choice to adapt Spillane's novel, though Spillane himself would have done the best job (he began working on scripts in '54).

KISS ME DEADLY follows Hammer (Ralph Meeker's turn as Hammer is a punch in the face) as he picks up a female hitchhiker that pulls him into a giant shit-storm of trouble. Directed by Robert Aldrich (THE DIRTY DOZEN), KISS ME DEADLY remains the best film noir in my book, and if you disagree you may get punch the mush.

See you on forty deuce,