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Tuesday, July 5, 2011


The DG Pick of the Week was the focus of our four day giveaway: TRAILERS FROM HELL VOL. 2. When the DG isn't dropping the best in horror and exploitation, there's a good chance we are on getting schooled by the masters. Joe Dante and the boys have assembled everyone from Roger Corman, Brian Trenchard-Smith, Guillermo Del Toro, and more to talk about either their own films, films that inspired them, or films that they just dig the hell out of.

TRAILERS FROM HELL VOL. 2 is packed with a HUGE collection of classic trailers and (optional) commentary. Though my favorite commentator is Josh Olson (who wrote the screenplay for HISTORY OF VIOLENCE) and Joe Dante, Brian Trenchard-Smith is very witty and Roger Corman talks like he just made a the film he is discussing yesterday. Corman has the stand-out trailers here with SKI TROOP ATTACK and PREMATURE BURIAL. Though Landis gets almost giddy talking about GORGO which is cool to watch.

-Brian Trenchard-Smith: Devil Ship Pirates, Stranglers of Bombay
-Joe Dante: Donovan's Brain, The Invisible Ghost
-Guillermo Del Toro: Deep Red, The Hunchback of Notre Dame
-Ernest Dickerson: The Creeping Unknown
-Mick Garris: Fire Maidens From Outer Space, Flesh Gordon
-Jack Hill: Pit Stop
-Larry Karaszewski: Last Summer, The Tenant
-Lloyd Kaufman: Terror Firmer
-Mary Lambert: Godzilla Vs. Mothra
-John Landis: Gorgo
-Josh Olson: Jaws, The Lineup
-Michael Peyser: Seven Days In May
-Roger Corman: Ski Troop Attack, The Premature Burial

The EXTRAS on this is really more of a gift. You get a full version of LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS (the original) which looks better than it has on some of the other low quality releases. Though Corman provides commentary on the trailer for the film, he does not provide commentary on the feature itself which is a miss, but a minor one.

This is geek crack pure and simple. It belongs on your shelf, it demands repeat viewings, and Joe Dante and the Trailers From Hell crew deserve a standing ovation. This kicks all of kinds of ass.

Grab this from Shout Factory here:

See you on forty deuce,