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Monday, May 2, 2011


Anytime you have a band of mercenaries involved in the plot, you know your in for a good time. SUN is one of the few films directed by Jack Cardiff, the legendary Academy Award wining cinematographer of films like THE RED SHOES, THE AFRICAN QUEEN, in addition to CONAN THE DESTROYER, and RAMBO: FIRST BLOOD II. Cardiff clearly knew what he was doing on this film, the action is quick and the bullets fly fast. Rod Taylor is tougher than a six-shooter in this and Jim Brown as his side-kick is just icing on the cake. Cardiff would go on to direct Marianne Faithful in GIRL ON A MOTORCYCLE the same year before hanging up his director hat in 1974 with PENNY GOLD.

You Don't Kill for Women, You Don't Kill for Diamonds, You Kill Because You're Paid for it!

See you on forty deuce,