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Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Science fiction becomes science says the trailer. William Shatner is Captain Kirk, confused about why he is on earth and calling for Spock on a communicator he doesn't have. Actually, he is "Rack" Hansen, a veterinarian going head to head with a giant invasion of spiders. Let me say right at the top, Rack's name is awesome and is only rivaled by Charlie Sheen's character's name in TERMINAL VELOCITY: Ditch Brody. Anyway, Shatner is not terrible playing the vet, he works hard in this film to not over power the rest of the cast. This film delivers some pretty creepy moments that are made even more effective with the use of real spiders. Makes you wonder why they scrapped an idea for a sequel in the late 80's. Actually, no it doesn't. I have included the poster as well. Looks like Rack is about to jizz a fountain of flames.

See you on forty deuce,