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Friday, January 21, 2011


You beat a man, they call you tough. You beat an army, they call you...THE STREET FIGHTER! Starring grindhouse and martial-arts legend Sonny Chiba as Tsurugi, a bad-ass for hire who comes to the rescue of a kidnapped heiress. THE STREET FIGHTER was the first feature to be given an X rating on violence alone, due mainly to the scene where Tsurugi castrates a brotha in the act of raping a lady. This film CANNOT be viewed individually. You have to sit down with some chow-main and do it right: Triple Feature! THE STREET FIGHTER was followed by two direct sequels: RETURN OF THE STREET FIGHTER and THE STREET FIGHTERS LAST REVENGE (in addition to two spin-off films SISTER STREET FIGHTER and KARATE WARRIORS).

If you've gotta fight... fight dirty.

See you on forty deuce,