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Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Primitive Passions Turned On! Love Breaks the Time Barrier!

I can imagine driving past a movie theater in 1962 and looking up to see the title of this trailer up on the marquee, imagining that a wind storm had jumbled the lettering for the film's title, accidentally spelling out EEGAH. But then the title is there the next day, and the next, until it has finally been replaced a week later by a newer film (I can't imagine this film playing longer than a week at any theater).

One of the worst movies ever made, EEGAH is a laugh a minute for fans of the "so bad it's good" school of film making. Here we have the tale of a caveman who has been living in the California desert who falls in love with a teenage girl from Palms Springs. Shockingly, his love is scorned, causing him to loose his temper and go on a rampage. Or maybe it was the obnoxious "beach party" type teenagers and their dune buggies that pissed him off. Either way, he ends up dead in a pool at the end.

Richard Kiel, who plays the caveman, would go on to play some incredibly menacing characters in the 1970s, but here he is just plain goofy. As is the rest of the cast. With all of these negatives going against it, the film still managed to make up its $15,000 budget when it pulled in that same amount during its debut at a drive-in in Omaha, Nebraska! The filmmakers must have literally pissed themselves with shock when they learned of the returns, letting out a big "Eegah" of relief.