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Tuesday, March 15, 2011


I saw NO BLADE OF GRASS (1970) back in the early ‘90’s on a grainy VHS tape that was being passed around my geek community of acne covered, mullet wearing film freaks (I paint a picture of a good looking crew). It was one of those copies that had been played so often the auto-tracking clicked on about every 20 minutes in search of a clearer picture. The Director of the film was Cornel Wilde. Though NO BLADE OF GRASS would make a significant impression on me, Wilde fell off my radar until earlier this year when I saw NAKED PREY (1966) and since then I have been on a search for a copy of NO BLADE with no luck.

This film has been called the exploitation film with a message. It touches on themes of global warming (which was way ahead of its time) and a society spinning out of control. This is a smart, violent film with a very strong narrative that is unique to the exploitation genre. If you can find this film, watch it at your first opportunity. If you can’t, just come back to the Grindhouse and peep the trailer.

See you on forty deuce.