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Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Brian Trenchard-Smith is one of my favorite Directors. He directed a film that would eventually lead me to scrapes, bruises, and a broken arm as a child, the classic BMX BANDITS (1983). Trenchard-Smith also directed some of the most sought after work in my video store: THE MAN FROM HONG KONG (1975), DEATH CHEATERS (1976), the now infamous STUNT ROCK (1980), to some of his later work like DEAD-END DRIVE-IN (1986), Trenchard-Smith was known for taking the smallest of budgets and creating tremendous action scenes. B-movie films directed with blockbuster talent. TURKEY SHOOT aka ESCAPE 2000 (1982) is no different. Though it works on themes found in the short story “The Most Dangerous Game” which at its most simple explanation is about hunting humans for sport, TURKEY SHOOT is a vehicle for action coming fast and quick as soon as the film begins. Fistfights, explosions, chases, and hot chicks with a dash of pure chaos. Everything a growing boy needs. TURKEY SHOOT is classic grindhouse at its best.

See you on forty deuce,