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Saturday, March 19, 2011


Al Adamson has directed some of my favorite grindhouse films of all time: HORROR OF THE BLOOD MONSTERS, NURSE SHERRI, and at the top of the Adamson shit pile BLACK SAMURAI which is just lunacy wrapped in Jim Kelly’s afro. Adamson took his skills, such as they were, to the western genre in FIVE BLOOD GRAVES, filmed just after BLOOD MONSTERS. This film really isn’t as poorly made as some of his other stuff and has slightly less action and gore than the trailer suggests, but it has the Adamson touch making it a certified crapterpiece.

One quick note: I dig the warning at the beginning of this trailer. The “audience disclaimer” has a long history as a publicity tool, even PSYCHO used that. Here endeth the note.

Lust-Mad Men and Lawless Women in a Vicious and Sensuous Orgy of Slaughter! FIVE BLOODY GRAVES!

See you on forty deuce,