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Wednesday, March 23, 2011


HIGH PLAINS DRIFTER is one of Clint Eastwood's most interesting westerns, made two years after the actor had reached superstar status with his iconic role in DIRTY HARRY. Offbeat and noirish, this tale of ultimate revenge borders on the supernatural as Eastwood's ghostlike stranger helps a small western town protect themselves from a band of outlaws, led by Eastwood regular: Geoffrey Lewis. All is not what it seems though as we slowly realize that the stranger has ulterior motives and that's when the fun begins.

Written by Ernest Tidyman (The FRENCH CONNECTION) and featuring a stellar cast of familiar character actors, HIGH PLAINS DRIFTER remains one of Clint's better westerns and was the first that he both directed and starred in. Interestingly enough, John Wayne disliked the film due to its violent content. He actually wrote to Clint, letting him know how he felt that the film gave the old west a negative vibe. You've got to wonder if Clint sent him a new pair of glasses to replace the rose colored ones he must have been wearing.