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Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Peter Fonda just has a way of making a film cool. He got stuck in a particular style of film and I always thought he was more capable than the material, but this and a few others (RACE WITH THE DEVIL) represent some of his best post-EASY RIDER work. The making of this chase classic is almost better than the film itself. At one time, the rights were owned by Howard Hawks (who later opted out). Hawks wanted to direct the film with Steve McQueen in the lead role. Albert R. Broccoli (the Bond films) was attached as a producer, and at some point in the films history it was looked at as a potential starring vehicle for Sam Elliott.

Eventually the film went to director John Hough of THE LEGEND OF HELL HOUSE fame, cause that’s a natural fit……? I don’t get it either but he pulled it off. A fast-film is one of those flicks that adds about 20 pounds to your foot when it hits the gas. Buckle up, this one may get you a speeding ticket.

See you on forty deuce,