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Wednesday, March 23, 2011


John Saxon as Sador: Hear me, beings of Akir. I am Sador of the Malmori. I have come with my forces to conquer you. If you resist, I will crush you. I possess a stellar converter, the most powerful weapon in the universe. You cannot resist me. I want your planet to be my colony. Your harvest comes in seven risings of your red giant. I shall return then, and you will accept me as your master. If you do not submit, your planet and all life on it will be burned to ash...You are mine.

In the vast world of STAR WARS rip-offs which continue today, STARCRASH ( is my favorite. A close second however is BATTLE BEYOND THE STARS. Roger Corman knows how to quickly and efficiently pound out a genre picture. His films (outside of one or two) were always profitable, in part because of the talent he found. Scorsese, Coppola, Bogdanovich, Ron Howard, all worked with Corman early in their careers. In today's film, two Corman alumni: John Sayles (who wrote the film) and James Cameron. Cameron started on BATTLE BEYOND THE STARS as a model maker, designing the ship Nell to get Corman’s attention: He basically created a ship that resembled a female chest. Cameron was promoted to Production Designer by the end of the film. Along for the ride is John “steel hair” Saxon, George “Hannibal” Preppard, Robert “I am often dull” Vaughn and Sybil “I actually had to be glued into this costume because too many shots were ruined by nipple exposure” Danning.

Rebels. Outlaws. Mercenaries. Seven magnificent warriors join to fight the... Battle Beyond The Stars.

See you on forty deuce,