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Monday, March 28, 2011


Typically wild Venoms film full of the dizzy battles and double crosses one has come to expect in these Chang Cheh kung fu fests. Notable for being one of the few films in the series to feature Wei Pai, better known to fans as "Snake" or the "Sixth Venom".

As always, the best part of these films is watching the antics of the three Peking Opera trained team members: Kuo Chui, Lu Feng and Chiang Sheng. Here we get a wild spear/axe battle between Lu Feng and Chiang Sheng that simply amazes. It's also fun to see the team's strong man, Lo Meng, get to play a villain for once. Usually reduced to playing a secondary hero role that gets killed off early in the film, here he gets the title role and survives right up to the end.

THE KID WITH THE GOLDEN ARM is another winner from the Shaw Brothers, perfect for that late night kung fu marathon we know you're itching to put together.