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Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Harry Fontana: "Quo Vadis"?
Ray: That's Italian. It means "We kick ass."

(Actual translation: Where are you going?)

ELIMINATORS is one of my video store classics. Believe it or not this was a tough title to get your hands on. After all, it does have a character who is 25% man, 25% tank and 50% android (actual percentages may vary). The plot however is 100% ridiculous and there is absolutely nothing redeeming about this film, but I could watch it on a loop. You can feel director Peter Manoogian (remember him? Yeah me neither) throwing things up to see what sticks, the answer being NOTHING but damn-it he tried. This is 80’s cheese trying to get a TERMINATOR paycheck. This is a men-on-a-mission film dry humping THE ISLAND OF DR. MOREAU. This is Mandroid. Mercenary. Scientist. Ninja. Each one a specialist. Together they are….ELIMINATORS.

See you on forty deuce,