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Monday, March 7, 2011


A college professor transforms into a murderous Neanderthal Man after he is exposed to the blood of a prehistoric Coelacanth. Only in the 1950s could a plot be executed for the masses. And I imagine the drive-in crowd loved it.

A fun little monster movie from Universal International, MONSTER ON THE CAMPUS was director Jack Arnold's (IT CAME FROM OUTER SPACE, THE INCREDIBLE SHRINKING MAN) final science fiction/horror movie for the studio. While not up to his earlier classics, MONSTER still contains many of the director's atmospheric touches and is full of the silly cliches that populate these films. The professor, played by Arthur Franz, is particularly goofy as even after the facts are practically shoved down his throat, it takes him the entire film to realize that he is the monster. A perfect flick to catch on a rainy Saturday afternoon. Some of the film's themes can be found in Ken Russell's ALTERED STATES.