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Thursday, March 10, 2011


Producer Gary Kurtz has been involved in some of my favorite films: TWO-LANE BLACKTOP, AMERICAN GRAFFITTI, STAR WARS, EMPIRE STRIKES BACK, and THE DARK CRYSTAL. Then Kurtz decided to get involved with SLIPSTREAM and had a rare miss. SLIPSTREAM has potential written all over it. Instead, it ends up being good in that straight to video coulda been good kind of way. SLIPSTREAM has great ideas and interesting characters not to mention a good cast: Mark Hamill (who went the “I am not Luke Skywalker” method actor route and put on a few pounds for this role), Bill Paxton, F. Murray Abraham, Ben Kingsley, and an un-credited Robbie Coltrane. We get to see Hamill (now a top voice-actor) be a bad ass and we get to see Paxton pop off some one-liners like only he can. SLIPSTREAM ain’t great, but it ain’t bad.

See you on forty deuce,